Our Approach

Our Approach


The following five principles shape our activities.

Focus on essentials

We focus our resources on producing maximum impact within a set period. Faced with several possibilities, we give priority to the option that seems most likely to produce the greatest impact. We try to stay focused on solving the most important challenges.

Take risks

Achieving results with maximum impact requires a willingness to test limits and take risks. Rapid developments in life-science technology mean we always have to be looking ahead, prepared for the unexpected. Failure is always a possibility, but we need to strive to do what we can, and not be afraid to take bold decisions for the future.

Open your mind

Relying on conventional business thinking and familiar technology can hold us back. Instead, we must continuously look for ideas and possibilities to create new value. As we develop our business models and technologies for maximum impact, we believe in open innovation, in combining innovative technologies, and in collaborating with other industries.

Drive forward

Nothing starts off perfect. Recognizing this, we focus on driving forward in every project, relying on continual modification and a constant openness to improvement to take us to our goal. This is also the way to most rapidly gain a deeper understanding of all aspects of the task.

Put people first

Laws and regulations often cannot cope with the rapid developments in the life sciences. As we push ahead, we must be aware of the ways in which our activities will impact the world, and strive to ensure that our life-science research will truly benefit humanity.