Try it out

The Quantum Biosystems Early Access Program offers research communities the opportunity to try out prototype quantum sequencing technologies before they are publicly released.
Currently, the QB Early Access Program is invitation only. Becoming a member of our program gives you access to a number of services that are not yet publicly available.

Data download

Raw quantum sequencing data are freely available for scientific and research use, allowing you, for example, to develop your own algorithms and software for quantum sequencing.
We will add new data sets from time to time, updated as needed. To enable scientists and engineers to access these data sets efficiently, we need to keep track of how the data are being used and in what kinds of research. That’s why we ask you to follow the download process explained below.

Get involved

We are always looking for forward-thinking partners for our R&D. You can work with us to manufacture nano-devices, build electrical systems and develop algorithms, in ways that combine your domain expertise with our proprietary technologies.